Thursday, October 15, 2009

He hits me and he's a cop their blog about cops who beat their domestic partners.$47878

If you know a police officer who is a batterer, do something now. If you are a victim, GET HELP IMMEDIATELY. Crystal tried to get help and they didn't listen. Now, FINALLY, law enforcement agencies are using her tragic story as an example of what can and DID happen because she was ignored.

If you know a victim, LISTEN TO HER. She is frightened. She knows what might happen to her if she reports him. If she suddenly begins missing work, isolating herself from others, making up excuses for injuries (I fell, I tripped, I was mugged by a stranger) those may be warning signs. If he is controlling, over powering, jealous, disrespectful of her and her feelings, PLEASE PAY ATTENTION. If her abuser is with a local agency, report the abuse to a higher agency if her complaints go unanswered. Not speaking out and seeking help can end tragically.

PLEASE DON'T be the next statistic. Please don't let your friends and loved ones be the next statistic. Police Domestic Violence is a very serious issue and hundreds/ thousands of cases end tragically.

National Center for Women &Policing:

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