Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tribute to Crystal Brame

God bless you Crystal. You touched me and I didn't even know you. You are a beautiful angel in heaven.

WA Congressman Inslee on Cop DV to House of Representatives

Louisiana needs to follow Washington- Put a stop to Police Officer Domestic Violence

It is very common for cops who abuse to be overlooked and not investigated for criminal activity. It is up to us to demand change by INSISTING that Officer Involved Domestic Violence in every state of this nation will not be tolerated. Most officers are honest. It only takes one bad apple to give a bad name to police officers.

I am currently working with lawmakers in Louisiana to draft protocol that would require all officer involved domestic violence allegations to be investigated by the Louisiana State Police
or the Louisiana State Attorney General's Office. I believe we're making strides. Unfortunately, it will be one year until the state senate and congress meet again to enact new laws. My next meeting with lawmakers will take place in August. Please pray that we can put a stop to OIDV that gets swept under the rug. Eventually, our message will get the right attention.